Recteq Smokestone 600 Griddle

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Meet the pioneering recteq SmokeStone! The world’s first and only wood-fired griddle on the market. Unmatched in its ability to infuse delicious wood-fired smoke essence into every savory morsel, this griddle stands alone in its category. Not only does the SmokeStone boast precise Wi-Fi Temperature Control for flawless heat management, but it also guarantees uniform cooking results with every use. Crafted with top-quality stainless steel and backed by recteq’s renowned wood-fired flavor, along with the convenience of the highest-rated grilling app and reliable US-based customer service, the SmokeStone sets the standard for excellence.


Description & Features

  • The SmokeStone offers 600 square inches of cooking space, a temperature range of 300ºF to 600ºF, over 12 hours of cook time, a convenient front-loading hopper, PID Temperature Control, and digital capabilities through the recteq app.
  • Rest easy, as recteq’s rock-solid PID algorithm will maintain the temperature evenly and consistently, so you get better tasting results, every time.
  • With high-quality stainless steel and incredibly durable construction, your recteq is built for the long haul.
  • Every recteq is built like a tank so you’ll have long term durability, and recteq backs it up with industry-leading, bumper-to-bumper warranties so you can enjoy a stress-free cooking experience.
  • recteq provides you with the best customer service skills in the industry, with thousands of 5-star reviews to prove it. With recteq, you never have to worry that we’ll leave you out in the cold!
  • Dual-Band Wi-Fi connectivity means you can stay on top of your cook’s progress, find recipes, and control the grill remotely, and recteq’s app is the #1 rated grilling app on the market, so you know it’s good.
  • A generous warming rack, 17-pound hopper capacity, all tools needed for assembly, and a digital Owner’s & Assembly Manual.
  • Temperature Range: 300°F to 600°F
  • Power Source: 110 Volt AC GFCI Outlet
  • Fuel Source: 100% natural hardwood pellets. Gives great flavor, burns cleanly, and produces little ash
  • Warranty: Industry-leading 6 year warranty
  • Assembly Time: 60 min

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer early buy discounts per ton April 15 – May 31. The discount price is loaded by forklift onto vehicle. No hand loading. If you need them hand loaded, please bring help with you. Byler’s Stove Shoppe reserves the right to refuse loading unsafe trailers/vehicles. Due to high demand for pellets, we do not hold pellets for customers, it is on a first come first serve basis. Pellets need to be taken at the time of purchase. If there happens to be a pellet shortage (rare cases), Bylers Stove Shoppe reserves the right to limit the amount of bags per customer.

Click here for more information on pellets.

Helpful Facts

Hardwood & Softwood Pellets

When wood is compressed into pellets during the manufacturing process both hardwood and softwood are both compressed to roughly the same density. Because softwood has resins in them that have a high heat output, softwood pellets actually produce a greater heat than hardwood pellets.

Other factors include the species of hardwood and softwood used and the manufacturer. When trying different types of premium pellets, it’s worthwhile to try a few bags of hardwood and softwood. The best way is to try them for yourself and see if you notice an improvement.

Something to be aware of sometimes the pellet is blamed for poor performance when the stove is blocked with ash causing incomplete combustion. There are channels in behind the visible panels that trap ash and impede airflow. Always clean the stove thoroughly before testing different brands for the best indication.