What is a Zero clearance or Factory built Fireplace?

A “Zero Clearance” fireplace is a self-contained steel box that allows you to forgo the building of a masonry fireplace and instead simply requires a wooden chase to be built around it. These are great options for new construction homes, or remodels without the large cost of a full masonry chimney. Zero clearance fireplaces are exhausted by a metal vent that runs through the chase.

What what are the benefits of a factory-built fireplace?

  • Factory-built fireplaces are surprisingly inexpensive.
  • They use a safe, lightweight chimney and do not need any additional footing or other structural support.
  • Because they have fewer limitations than site-built masonry fireplaces, they can be easily and safely installed in almost any room.
  • Factory-built fireplaces are available in a range of sizes, and can be open on one, two (“see-through” and corner models), three (“peninsula”), or four sides (“oasis”).
  • Brick, stone, marble and other facing materials can be combined with your choice of mantels to suit your decor.