pellet stove insertpellet stove insert

Quadra-Fire Santa Fe Pellet Insert

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The Santa Fe offers a stylish, modern, and environmentally friendly heating solution. Despite its compact size, this unit delivers powerful heating performance, ensuring clean, durable, and long-lasting results from its advanced design.


Description & Features

Width – 21 1/2″

Height – 25 3/8″

Depth Minimum Firebox Opening – 13″

Extension Onto Hearth – 8 5/8″

BTU/hr Input – 9,400-30,600

Heating Capacity – 700-1,900 sq ft

Viewing Area – 201 sq in

Hopper Capacity – 45lbs.

Efficiency – Low Heating Volume 70%, High Heating Volume 66%

Emissions – 1.1grams/hour

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer early buy discounts per ton April 15 – May 31. The discount price is loaded by forklift onto vehicle. No hand loading. If you need them hand loaded, please bring help with you. Byler’s Stove Shoppe reserves the right to refuse loading unsafe trailers/vehicles. Due to high demand for pellets, we do not hold pellets for customers, it is on a first come first serve basis. Pellets need to be taken at the time of purchase. If there happens to be a pellet shortage (rare cases), Bylers Stove Shoppe reserves the right to limit the amount of bags per customer.

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Helpful Facts

Hardwood & Softwood Pellets

When wood is compressed into pellets during the manufacturing process both hardwood and softwood are both compressed to roughly the same density. Because softwood has resins in them that have a high heat output, softwood pellets actually produce a greater heat than hardwood pellets.

Other factors include the species of hardwood and softwood used and the manufacturer. When trying different types of premium pellets, it’s worthwhile to try a few bags of hardwood and softwood. The best way is to try them for yourself and see if you notice an improvement.

Something to be aware of sometimes the pellet is blamed for poor performance when the stove is blocked with ash causing incomplete combustion. There are channels in behind the visible panels that trap ash and impede airflow. Always clean the stove thoroughly before testing different brands for the best indication.