The Concord

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Captivating joy!

Description & Features

The Concord is a vinyl playset that comes in two base configurations.

Both come standard with a tower, tire swing, step ladder, rock climbing wall, & cargo net.

1110A features: 2 tarp roofs, 14′ tornado tube slide, 10′ avalanche slide, 10′ climbing set, 4-position 10′ high swing beam, 1 hammock swing, 1 belt swing, 1 trapeze, 1 plastic glider, 1 full bucket child’s seat, bubble panel, ladder hand rail, red fireman’s pole & binoculars.

1110C features: pyramid roof, 7′ super spiral slide, 10′ avalanche slide, 3-position 8′ high swing beam, 1 belt swing, 1 trapeze, 1 plastic glider, peek-a-boo panel, ladder hand rail, captain’s wheel, & tic-tac-toe panel.

Belt swing, hammock swing, trapeze, plastic glider, and bucket child’s seat come with soft grip chains.