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Meadow Creek BX50 Cabinet (Box) Smoker

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Box smokers have been doing well at competitions and backyarders love them because they’re compact, easy to use, and efficient to run. Combined with Meadow Creek’s 30+ year tradition of outstanding quality and service, the BX50 cabinet smoker is setting the woods on fire.

What really sets this box smoker apart is the ability to use it with or without water! It is also efficient, running at 250 degrees F for at least 8 hours on 20 pounds of charcoal, and comes standard with an auto-feed water system.

Description & Features

What really sets this box smoker apart is the ability to use it with or without water! Unlike some cabinet smokers on the market, such as the famous Backwoods Competitor, the BX50 works fine without water, which means you can use it for jerky. The water does help stabilize the temperature, but it does a very good job without water too.

The BX50 also comes standard with an auto-feed water system and a 5-gallon water jug for hassle-free water smoking. Each cooking grate holds a full size pan.

Features of the BX50 Cabinet Smoker

  • Double walls with 1″ insulation
  • Auto-feed water system and a 5-gallon water jug
  • Removable water pan
  • Built for wet and dry smoking
  • Slide-out cooking grates made of rust-free food-grade T304 stainless steel rod
  • Adjustable grate configuration (There are 7 slots total, with the option of adding three more grates.)
  • Painted with black heat-resistant paint in an attractive matte finish
  • Positive-lock latches on all doors
  • Built-in Guru adapter for temp controller mounting
  • Slide-out charcoal basket with a grate for the ashes to fall through
  • Rolls on 2 solid tires and 2 locking casters
  • Stainless steel handles
  • 2 stainless steel calibratable thermometers
  • Cast iron spin vents at the bottom of the firebox for precise draft control
  • Uncoated steel interior

Additional Information:

  • Overall Dimensions  66”h x 44”w x 34”d
  • Smoking Chamber Dimensions  29″h x 24″w x 20″d
  • Cooking Area  11.56 sq. ft. (1665 sq. in.)
  • Fire Basket Dimensions 6”h x 18”w x 20”l
  • Grate Dimensions  18” x 22”
  • Number of Grates  5
  • Grate Style  Wire Grid With 1/2” Spacing
  • Insulation Thickness  1”
  • Metal Thickness  13 Gauge
  • Net Weight  625 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight  725 lbs.
  • Capacity of Pork Butts  16
  • Capacity of Baby Back Ribs  16
  • Capacity of Spare Ribs  8
  • Capacity of St. Louis Ribs  12
  • Capacity of Whole Briskets  8
  • Capacity of Brisket Flats 12-16
  • Capacity of Chicken Halves  32